Classic Rock N’ Roll tshirts

Mixing gaming influenced apparel with classic t-shirts with old retro motives can be really nice when going for that nerdy but still cool look. Tees or hoodies with the logo of the old gaming / console companies like Atari and Commodore are pretty common and might not give you an unique look. But there areas to search in when you are looking for these kind of clothes.

Available at: for £19.

The classic Rock N’ Roll tees are a perfect match to a LoL hoodie. That’s unique you might ask? Whats nice with these band motives are that there are so many bands and so many different layouts for each band. This makes it easier to pick a unique outfit even though a lot of the bands have put their brand on about everything there is to put their brand on.

Abailable at: for €9.

AC/DC, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses are probably the two bands that have done the most different stuff. These branded T-Shirts are not unusual and is not weird at all to sell. But how about the branding of computer games, board games, pinball machines and casino / slot games. The last is probably not that usual but I know there is a Guns N’ Roses slot. Maybe they do golf clubs next? 😀

But all in all these T-shirts are actually pretty nice. The bonus is that there is so many different versions of them to choose from, which makes them retro but still unique.