Picking a LoL tee

If it was hard to pick the right LoL hoodie, t-shirts are even harder because the supply is wider. You can probably find hundreds of different t-shirts with your favorite champion, in different colors and styles.

The unisex Star Guardian Lulu tee is one of our favorite. The basic white together with a few other colors makes for a great-looking t-shirt easy to combine with other clothes and preferable a black jacket together with some nice sneakers for a great street-look.

Available at RGs own merchandise shop here.

If you’re looking for something a bit more aggressive and maybe a bit funny: why not go with the classic eat, sleep, league tee?

If you’re one of the older gamers that already have kids on your own, don’t be selfish and buy it for yourself! Buy one for the toddler! It the fellow is going to be an eSports pro he / she has to start early, and remember: Eat, Sleep, LEAGUE!

Both are available at Amazon, just click on the images.