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Gaming fashion have been around for a long time and haven’t changed very much during the years. What’s noticeable is that it has branched out a bit. Gaming fashion ten years ago implied the nerdy t-shirts with console logos, gaming characters or slogans. In the early days it was a simple Atari or commodore t-shirt. These still exists today, and are not that unusual, even a bit “creddy”.

However, the rise of eSports and competitive gaming have made this apparel branch out to a fusion of gaming and sports. If you look at the big eSports events like Valves Dota 2 – The International, Overwatch League and League of Legends World Championship you see the players wearing team jerseys which does not differ that much from soccer-shirts.

These are the competitive, show-off apparels though. They might not be your first choice for leveling up your account and climbing the ladder at home. In that case, comfort is the key and appearance is not that important.

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