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Casual Apparel at home

The casual apparel that you wear at home might not be gaming related at all, and it’s nothing wrong with that. The only important thing is that the clothes you wear are comfortable for playing your game, and grind your way up the ladder as we say. Whether you’re leveling up your MMR in Dota 2 or your ranking in League of Legends.

Normal sweatpants and a t-shirt will do fine, but I’ll strongly recommend a very thin pyjamas-like suit. It’s very chill and feels great even during a super tight, 70-minutes long, dota2 game during the summer time.


If you’re looking for casual apparel that still looks nice there’s a lot to choose from. Motives and design vary a lot and you might want to fill the wardrobe with something to wear to your casual LAN-party with your friends. A lot of them got cheesy slogans etc, but hey, that’s nothing in the gamin scene right?

While others are just massive portraits of the games themselves. Player Unknown Battle Grounds, PUBG is booming at the moment but I’m still not sure this will be a bestseller? 😀