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The perfect eSports event outfit

When visiting an eSport event whether it’s a league, cup or tournament you might want to show a bit of extra support for your favorite team. Most of the teams sell merchandise in their shops on their websites. Both the competitive team jerseys and the more casual apparel. Then there are aggregated eSports shops like the ESL-shop.


By showing up this way you are not only showing your team the support they deserve, you also help the eSport scene with marketing and also contribute with a bit of money to your team’s organization. It’s thanks to us hardcore fans that eSports have boomed the last couple of years and some of the organizations have been valued at very high values. You can read more about this on newzoo’s eSport report.

Fashion wise we think that anything more than the team jersey is show-off. But you can always spice it up a bit and put some time into a funny sign to show extra support. These are the ones you usually see during the twitch broadcasts and while most of us think people look a bit funny it actually helps the eSport scene a lot, raising both the production value and interest in new viewers.