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Gaming mice


We would argue that the mouse of a gamer is one of the most important pieces of equipment. These days the options are close to each other than back in the days where there where mice with trackballs. All good mice are now optics. These are the basics questions you need to think about before buying your gaming mouse.


Wireless or with cord?

This question does not belong on a site like this. We feel that even though the wireless mice these days are more than okay it’s not an option for a serious gamer so don’t even think about buying a wireless one if you are playing any real-time game. The wireless mice work great if you are playing turn games like Hearthstone, Valve’s upcoming game Artifact or poker though.


The DPI metric – Dots per inch

DPI or dots per inch is a sensitivity metric for mice, also known as CPI (counts per inch). This metric was called PPI or pulses per inch in the early days of gaming. Enough history, the metric simply measures how many dots per inch the mouse reads, optically, on a hardware level. You can always change your sensitivity on a software level but the better DPI the better precision.

These days the DPI standards have sky-rocketed up to around very high numbers in the thousands. What’s more important feature that have come in the latest years is that some mice adjust its DPI-readings on the base on your movement speed. This means that when you do a swift reflex movement the DPI number will be low but then accelerate up to high numbers when your movement is slowing down which makes the mouse do a precise read in the end of the movement, which gives you as a gamer a higher accuracy.


Getting the right number of buttons

The mouse should have enough buttons for your gaming experience and we can’t really answer this question for you. Gamers have always had different preferences when it comes to key-bindings and some have grown up with 7-button mice. In those cases, it can be hard to learn to play with a new mouse that only has three buttons and a scroll-wheel.