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Choosing a headset is never easy. I have so many experiences where I bough a new “good” headset only to come home to my gaming mates on Discord (or Teamspeak, Ventrilo, skype or all voice programs we tried during the years) to find myself getting hammered about echoing, a low mic voice or whatever. Often these problems have been solved in a couple of minutes with some software adjustments but way too many times the problem have just been hardware specific, simply a shitty headset.

While some of the cheaper headsets are okay we really recommend buying a premium one. If you have a low budget and can’t afford to pay the premium price, at least put in an effort by reading the reviews carefully or get headset recommendation by a friend that you trust.


Cord or Wireless?

When it comes to professional gaming the wireless headset feels much more legit than the wireless mouse. It’s simply a question of how much you dislike cords. But is it worth a ranking loss in League of Legends just because your battery run out in the middle of a team fight and you can no longer communicate with your teammates?


A Quality Mic

The quality of the mic is an important aspect to analyze when buying a new gaming headset. You probably had friends in voice chats with terrible sound quality, interference and echoing. These problems are not always attributable to a bad mic, but it certainly does not help.

Reading the specific mic specs for a headset is not always so easy. If you value your time and don’t feel like digging deep its often better to trust the brand name in combination with reading up on some reviews.


The right earmuffs

In our opinion, the earmuffs are the most important feature to consider when it comes to headsets. You really want a headset which have large enough muffs to cover your ears, without pressuring them in any way. The pressure we’re talking about might not be very noticeable after one game, but after playing six to seven hours of league of legends it really hurts, trust us.

Another aspect of the size of the earmuffs are that they isolate the sound better if they touch your head instead of your ears. This is important because it prevents echoing in voice chats and lets you use push-to-talk.


The Headset Holder – an excellent addition

The holder is an excellent addon for the perfect eSport setup. It helps to keep your gaming space clean and is especially useful in protecting your headset if you’re one of the clumsy people, like myself. I don’t know how many headsets I have broken by pushing my chair back when leaving the station and in that same movement, sweeping the headset down on the floor with me.