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Mouse pads

As a hardcore gamer or eSporter you have several choices when it comes to mousepads. There are hard ones, soft ones, large and small. Your choice should be based on your own preferences but there are some features we’d like to point out, that you should focus on when making your final choice.


Get the right friction

The surface texture on mousepads give very varied friction and is very important when it comes achieving satisfactory results. Nowadays, when the optical mice are very good most gamers prefer a low friction surface but still enough friction to make your aim flawless. This differs a lot from the early years of eSports when the mice available only had trackballs which easily got stuck by hair, dirt or other debris.


The mouse cord placeholder

This function is not as common nowadays that it was a couple of years ago which is kind of weird since it’s an excellent feature. Basically, it’s a switch which holds your mouse cord in place while you’re playing. You simply fasten the cord on the mouse pad, leaving just enough cord length to leave room for swift reflex movements while playing FPS games like CS:GO, Fortnite or Overwatch.

Nowadays they are more usual as an addon equipment which gives you a special feature which the mousepad included mouse cord placeholder could not. It holds the cord up in the air, which removes in entirely from the mat surface.

Mat size

As usual, the size is of importance. Depending of the genre of the games you play you will have different options for the size limit of the pad. But if you are playing first person shooter games its of the essence to have a large mat which enabled you to play with very low in-game sensitivity, which in the end should improve your aim. Of course, the sensitivity aspect is a habit preference and while some of the old FPS gamers who played Quake back in the days used high sensitivity in game it’s seldom the case among eSports professionals these days.