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Styling The Perfect Gaming Setup


Your gaming setup is obviously important to you since you’re reading this and probably puts a lot of time into playing games. Just as with decorating your home to make it look nice it makes a lot of sense that your gaming setup should look awesome. A few additions will change the appearance from mediocre to spectacular.


Action figures

Action figures was a really big thing in the 90s but lately they are back! It might be because Disney bought the Star Wars franchise, but we think it’s because being nerdy is hot these days!

The gaming companies have not been slow in producing these figures or licensing out their brands to producing companies. However, we’ve not seen them for all games yet. But luckily for you League of Legends, Dota and Overwatch characters and champions are produced and are looking really great.

One of these figures on your desk will simply bring your gaming swag to a higher level. Check these bad boys out:


Gaming Cups

You might not be old enough to drink coffee yet, but market reports say you probably are. So, getting a couple of gaming cups to get the right feeling at the start of your ladder grind might not be a bad idea.

Here are some examples of the coolest ones available.


eSports Posters

Nothing says you must limit your gaming posters to one room in your apartment but if you have a single room dedicated to your desktop PC you should have some cool gaming or eSports posters on the wall!

They come in different sizes with different motives and you should pick the one that fits the room. But don’t go and buy a Dota poster if you’re a League of Legends gamer. For fucks sake, support your game goddamit!


Stickers and Stickers, Getting your favorite League of Legends Champion?

Styling your PC or laptop with gaming related extras have been a thing since the early days of eSports. I remember going to my first DreamHack in the winter of 2002. I was amazed on how much people have modified their computers with glass walls, LEDs, heated coffee holders and refrigerator-like cases to keep the jolt-colas cold.

These days most gaming-pcs come styled with both glass-chassis and lights. This is nice but can also seem a bit boring, because so many computers look the same. If you’re nerdy and like to put time into some modifying there’s a lot of cool videos, guides and pictures to be found online.

What’s not as time-consuming but still very awesome is placing stickers on your laptop or PC. You can find loads of them online, for all different games, in-game characters, eSport teams and players. Some are ugly, others look great. Just pick one or two based on your preference.

BUT PLEASE! Do not put 20 stickers with different color schemes and design patterns to the same computer. Why? Simply because it looks like shit!